New Features and New Webinar Times


Last updated April 6, 2012.

We're heartened by the response to FOSS4Lib has received in the library community. Hundreds of people have signed up for accounts and dozens of packages and releases have been added to the registry. Plus, after the initial spike of interest on the site when it was launch came down, we've seen a steady growth of page views on And we've been working behind the scenes to make the improvements suggested by users of the site.

New Features

One of the most visible changes has been on the homepage where the last update date has been added to packages and the release date has been added to recent releases. Each column now also has a link to an RSS feed that you can use to track updated packages and recent releases. Another change is on the software packages page where "browse by package type" list includes the number of packages in each category. These changes (and more that we're working on) were suggested by participants in the "Introducing FOSS4Lib" webinars and conference sessions. If you have more ideas, please post them as comments here or send e-mail to Peter Murray.

New Webinars

Interest in FOSS4Lib has been stronger outside North America than we expected, and we've had a number of participants in South America, Europe and Africa participating in the FOSS4Lib webinars. The webinar schedule was set up with a western hemisphere audience in mind, so two additional sessions geared towards the Asia and Pacific regions have been added:

These webinars are in addition to the three that were already scheduled.

To sign up for one of these webinars or to learn more about FOSS4LIB, please e-mail Peter Murray (

FOSS4Lib on Twitter

FOSS4Lib is now tweeting. You can follow FOSS4Lib on Twitter. (One of the requested features we're working on is automatically tweeting announcements of updated packages, recent software releases and upcoming events based on information entered at FOSS4Lib. That will be done from the FOSS4Lib Twitter account.)