Direct Links to Service Providers and Users Now on Project Pages


Last updated August 28, 2012.

When we created FOSS4Lib we knew that we didn't want to duplicate things that projects were already doing for themselves. Rather, we wanted FOSS4Lib to be a hub to find out about all things related to open source software in libraries. One of the pieces of our original design was the ability to point to existing lists of service providers and users of software packages. That feature is now available.

Take, for example, the FOSS4Lib entry for the DSpace package.

Portion of DSpace Package page with links to institutions and providers highlighted.

In the "Package Links" area there is now links to "Institutions using DSpace" and "Providers for DSpace". These links point to the DSpace Registry and the DSpace Registered Service Providers.

Portion of DSpace Package edit page showing the links to lists of institutions and providersPackage maintainers can edit the the package listings on FOSS4Lib by signing into FOSS4Lib and using the "edit" tab on the top of the page. (The "edit" button doesn't appear unless you are signed into FOSS4Lib. Don't have an account yet? Contact to have one created.) Two new fields have been added towards the bottom of the page. Fill these in and save the changes to have the links appear. And while you are on that page, double check the description and details of your package so others can find it easily.

Institutions and service providers can still register their use and support of package on FOSS4Lib. Service providers, in particular, are encouraged to continue to add their organizations to FOSS4Lib. Doing so will make you visible to others that search for you on FOSS4Lib.