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Last updated September 27, 2014.

Note: “Introduction to OLE Basics” is the prerequisite for any other OLE training class.

Course Information:
Introduction to OLE Basics

Who Should Attend?
All Library Staff Currently Using Any Features/Functions of Horizon or III Millennium

What Will This Cover?
During this two-hour lecture/demonstration, you will learn how to access and navigate around Kuali OLE, the Library’s new integrated library system to be implemented this July. You will be introduced to design features common to all of OLE’s functional components. Some specific topics include:

  • Opening OLE with your login/password using the Internet browser of your choice
  • Using browser tabs to navigate and help with workflows
  • Perform searches for basic records
  • Display records from search result
  • Be introduced to standard navigation features
  • Perform basic create/edit functions for commonly-used records
  • Features/functions common to basic records
  • Where Horizon data is found in OLE

The two-hour time frame allows ample time for a question-and-answer period. The session may end early if there are few questions.

Is There a Prerequisite?
There is no prerequisite.
Note: This class is a prerequisite for additional classes that cover OLE acquisitions, cataloging, circulation and serials receiving to be held in June 2014. Watch email for registration announcements.

Registration is required; select one session. There is a maximum of 50 attendees per session, so sign up now for your preferred day/time.