Chicago Migration


Last updated September 27, 2014.

The Library is currently in the midst of our migration project with the goal of bringing Kuali OLE and VuFind into production in July 2014. VuFind was introduced to the public in January 2014 as a “beta” system that was connected to the production Horizon system. It was decided to wait for the OLE implementation to make VuFind the production public interface, since that implementation was pending and it is usually preferable to implement substantial changes over the summer in an academic environment. While VuFind was essentially production ready against Horizon in spring 2014, actual migration to it as the production OPAC and retirement of HIP and Lens was delayed until summer 2014 to coincide with the OLE migration.

In addition to the internal processes to migrate systems, there is a substantial amount of staff time contributed to the open source Kuali OLE project itself. In planning for staff resource allocation, it was necessary to recognize commitment to the OLE project as well as to internal activities. Appendix A lists the required staff contributions by partner sites during this phase of the project. Participation in the project required Library staff to become proficient in use of the project collaboration tools, including WebEx, Google Docs and JIRA. Some staff were trained in creation of Selenium scripts although that effort was abandoned eventually due to the difficulty of the constant changes to database structures and screen displays during the very active development cycle for version 1.5. The scripts could not be maintained until more of the development was complete and the User Interface was changing less frequently. During this part of the development the OLE central project, QA staff were charged with doing the scripting where feasible.