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Last updated May 6, 2012.

Hello everyone !
Just found out about this site, and it's awesome ! Thank you so much for this excellent tool !
I'm a librarian currently looking for an open source solution to create an online database where students could access citations and documents (mainly grey litterature) in their field of study. The best solution I found so far is (free, no tech. knowledge required, no server required, COINS and share options). The only problem is that I cannot remove unused/unfilled fields from the records and therefore the users cannot read the metada well (the many unfilled fields show and take the eye away from the filled, relevant fields). The information simply gets lost. Otherwise is really really great, it's too bad I can't fix this problem. Has anyone experienced this too ?
Does anyone know of an alternative for creating a digital repository where no server is required ? I checked the list of open source digital repositories on here but I couldn't find one that doesn't need a server.

Thanks for the kind comments, Aronne.

Unfortunately, I don't know of an alternative to the free '' service. There are other software options -- Greenstone comes to mind -- but you need to run your own server.

I have a solution for hiding those unused fields.
If you go to this page (, there are directions for setting the preferences on your site. It's easy to either display or not display empty fields by ticking a box.

You should be able to remove empty fields on Omeka - just go to the dashboard then "Edit General Settings" - uncheck the box "Show Empty Elements," and I think that should solve your problem!

Thanks to everybody ! I could fix the problem with your kind help !
I wish I could contribute somehow too. The only system I can think of that is not already listed here (if I am not mistaken) is Invenio.
Our library network currently uses it for depositing OA papers (digital repository, you can view it here and it works along with Multivio (already listed). I didn't dare adding it myself because I'm not sure if Invenio matches required criterias be on this site.
Again, thank you so much for this amazing site !