Atrium Digital Exhibits

Last updated September 5, 2012. Created by Nicole Engard on February 1, 2012.
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A Blacklight plugin for managing and creating collections and digital exhibits of content exposed through Blacklight and Solr. It supports creating multiple collections quickly while each can focus on a subset or all content within a Solr database. Within each collection you can add multiple exhibits. Each exhibit supports a dynamically generated browse experience through selected browsable facets, with ability to add descriptive text and feature sources at each level of the browse navigation.

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The Conversation

wolf29's picture

Which I thought was more of a collaboration tool, based on Drupal..
The homepage for the Atrium project shows a 404 error hydra is gone too. Does anybody know a contact for the project?

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I updated the page to include a link to the project that seems to work (as of today). It includes contact info for the lead developer.