Senayan Library Management System (SLiMS)

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As a complete Library Management System, SENAYAN has many features that will help libraries and librarians to do their job easily and quickly. Below are some features provided by SENAYAN :

  • Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) with thumbnail document image support (can be use for book cover), Simple Search and Advanced Search mode
  • Documents record detail in XML format
  • Bibliographic/catalog database management with book cover image support
  • Document items database management
  • Master Files management to manages document referential data such as GMD, Collection Types, Publishers, Authors, Locations, Authors and Suppliers
  • Circulation support with following sub-features :
    • Loan and Return transaction
    • Collections reservation
    • Quick return
    • Configurable and flexible Loan Rules
    • Membership management
    • Stock Taking module to help Stock-taking process in library
    • Reporting and Statistics
  • System modules with following sub-features :
    • Global system configuration
    • Modules management
    • Application Users and Groups management
    • Holiday settings
    • Barcodes generator utility
    • Database backup utility
  • Data import/export
    • Z39.50 support, including SRU
    • MARC import ( SLiMS 5 onwards )

A slideshow introduction to SLiMS [ as presented at Code4Lib 2014 conference ] can be viewed at

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Please see for the announcement ( and links ) of Potthakalaya, a Linux live-cd distribution which includes Senayan v.5 software, MRBS, Moodle, and other library related OSS tools.