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Last updated May 5, 2014. Created by Peter Murray on April 7, 2014.
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This plugin implements a simple and basic, web-based, library catalog and circulation system. There are short codes that can be added to pages of a WordPress site to search and display items in the library collection. And there are back-end (admin) pages that implement management of the collection, management of patrons (users) of the library, as well as implementing the functionality of a circulation desk.

This WordPress plugin started as a portable, cross-platform system that the Wendell Free Library could use as a transition system from its current paper card based circulation system to the system that will eventually be rolled out by the regional library system. It has 'morphed' to a web-based successor to Deepwoods Software's Home Librarian 3 system.

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The Conversation

raigatto's picture

Where I could look up for this Web Librarian - 3.2.10?

This is a plug-in to WordPress, so you can go to the plug-in's page on the Wordpress.org site for more details.