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'When the Open Source System is the Best System' Open Source Integrated Library System in a Rural American Library Kuali OLE at the University of Chicago Library

Now available! Three case studies of organizations adopting open source software: "When the Open Source System is the Best System" implementing CORAL, "Open Source Integrated Library System in a Rural American Library" implementing Koha, and "Kuali OLE at the University of Chicago Library" implementing Kuali OLE.

Is your library thinking about jumping into open source software, but not sure if you have the tools in place to succeed, or where to start? You've come to the right place.

Whether you are looking to decide if open source software is right for your library or need help finding which open source software package meets your needs, this site has the content and the community to help you with those decisions.

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The Conversation

I just added packages for RT and LimeSurvey, couldn't see a great category match for either. Perhaps make the content type editable, or use node reference & add a content type for Package Type?

RT and LimeSurvey are probably not good fits for FOSS4LIB. To try to keep the scope manageable (and not replicate other directories like Fresh Meat), packages in FOSS4LIB meet this definition: if it is open source, is used in libraries, and has components/plugins that are specific to libraries, then it can be included as a package in the FOSS4LIB registry. Comments about whether this scoping make sense are also welcome, but that is where we are now.

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Just joined the site and looking for literature on OSS and also an easy to use OSS for making institutional repository of faculty publication

software for managing electronic library

You could include Mendeley in the Bibliography category

As far as I know Mendeley is (while free) not open source software, so it wouldn't be appropriate to include it at this site.

Am interested in Ubuntu Operating system,is there a place in South Africa where l can do training on Ubuntu for a period of two weeks. Thank you

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Where on the site can I find a definition/description for the different categories of listed softwares, please?
For example how do you describe:
- Content Management System
- Content Management Framework
- Electronic Resources Management

as these categories share many similarities?

What are the criteria used to categorised the packages?

Thanks for your answer