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how can i find or how can i used the integrated library system and how about the source code. thank you

This is a plug-in to WordPress, so you can go to the plug-in's page on the site for more details.

Where I could look up for this Web Librarian - 3.2.10?

Please see for the announcement ( and links ) of Potthakalaya, a Linux live-cd distribution which includes Senayan v.5 software, MRBS, Moodle, and other library related OSS tools.

Where on the site can I find a definition/description for the different categories of listed softwares, please?
For example how do you describe:
- Content Management System
- Content Management Framework
- Electronic Resources Management

as these categories share many similarities?

What are the criteria used to categorised the packages?

Thanks for your answer

I have tried to contact the author of this site to correct many inaccuracies but have not heard back. I have heard the same story from many other people. I would look at the official sites for the open source ILSes to get your info instead as they at least are up to date, accurate and controlled by people who respond to edit requests.

I updated the page to include a link to the project that seems to work (as of today). It includes contact info for the lead developer.

Which I thought was more of a collaboration tool, based on Drupal..
The homepage for the Atrium project shows a 404 error hydra is gone too. Does anybody know a contact for the project?


Yes, I work for a company that does that. You can contact us at to get more info.

Thanks a bunch,

Dear Nicole, I am interested in moving into Koha for the private, children's library that I operate. A web-based system is good for us, but the technical aspects are intimidating. Do you do that behind-the-scenes work for folks? Can you let me know?
Thank you, Michelle

Thanks to everybody ! I could fix the problem with your kind help !
I wish I could contribute somehow too. The only system I can think of that is not already listed here (if I am not mistaken) is Invenio.
Our library network currently uses it for depositing OA papers (digital repository, you can view it here and it works along with Multivio (already listed). I didn't dare adding it myself because I'm not sure if Invenio matches required criterias be on this site.
Again, thank you so much for this amazing site !

You should be able to remove empty fields on Omeka - just go to the dashboard then "Edit General Settings" - uncheck the box "Show Empty Elements," and I think that should solve your problem!

I have a solution for hiding those unused fields.
If you go to this page (, there are directions for setting the preferences on your site. It's easy to either display or not display empty fields by ticking a box.

Am interested in Ubuntu Operating system,is there a place in South Africa where l can do training on Ubuntu for a period of two weeks. Thank you

Thanks for the kind comments, Aronne.

Unfortunately, I don't know of an alternative to the free '' service. There are other software options -- Greenstone comes to mind -- but you need to run your own server.