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It sounds like an interesting suite of tools, and they would be a big boon for the library open source community if they were available that way. If you (or anyone) finds updated information, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Yes, I think so. It was in the CILIP (UK library association) magazine about PTFS Europe supporting Rebus. Was definitely described as an open source product so thought it might be available more widely but maybe this was a misquote. Thanks for clarifying.

Hello Kate. I've heard of Rebus from PTFS Europe, but I don't think it is open source. Is that perhaps what you had heard about?

As far as I know Mendeley is (while free) not open source software, so it wouldn't be appropriate to include it at this site.

You could include Mendeley in the Bibliography category

Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.


Hello everyone,
i am new here and still trying to explore this community.
i work with a library here and we are currently working on having an on line library. please what software can i use to make the search options on the web page faster and user friendly.
thank you. i hope i get a reply soon.

software for managing electronic library

Thanks for the insight, Priscilla. I've added the "Preservation Repository" category and assigned DAITSS to it.

Hello, Mugisha. Thanks for the comment. I think it it would correct to say that the invitation to attend events like KohaCon is open to anyone. And certainly feel free to add other meetings of Koha users that happen in other parts of the world.

Librarians are always the responsible parties when it comes to the success or failure of a given system which runs on at their library. This survey should have graphed the results on one axis. Namely, power or a lack thereof. If you want a powerful system that you have power over, use open source. If you want to leave yourself and the future employees of your institution without power, be it over your catalog, your patrons personal information, or your financial records, by all means use a hosted solution such as LibLime or Sirsi-Dynex.

Much as we have trained the community here with computor skills no enough computors for the community to use

It would be good also to invite african orgnizations like U ganda community library network or Uganda community libraries association to such meetings to share exprience

This is a digital preservation repository system. It is not a digital access repository. It would be good to have a category on this site for preservation applications