Why is a Discovery Layer important?


Last updated October 29, 2012.

The Discovery Layer is a vital consideration for any library as in many cases it is what clients will see as the face of the library when they navigate for information. In effect it is the interface that people will interact with to find information.

As such the Discovery Layer needs to reflect the core aims of the library in the eyes of the user and provide a perspective on the collection, preservation, organization, and dissemination activities that take place within the library. For more information see the section of this guide about branding.

The main aim is to connect users to the information they need as effortlessly as possible and as such a badly operating Discovery Layer can severely damage a library’s reputation and potentially even its funding. If users find the Discovery Layer difficult or slow to use it is likely to negatively impact their perception of the library. If they are not able to find the information they want then it is likely that they will seek other services or stop using the library completely in future.