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ABCD (Automation of liBraries and Documentation Centers) is a full integrated library automation system based on ISIS-technology as the underlying database. It encompasses all main functions of ILS : cataloging, OPAC, Loans, Acquisitions, Statistics, but adds a 'Site' (with CMS built-in) for easy production of a library website with integrated meta-search. As a special feature it is to be mentioned that ABCD allows creation by system managers but using the ABCD-interface itself to create any bibliographic structure along with the pre-defined ones (MARC21, UNIMARC, CEPAL). This makes the system very flexible and versatile for use in documentation centers with non-standard database-structures or for non-bibliographical applications such as events or experts databases. Both the standard loans-module and the 'Advanced Loans' module (which adds external links with SQL-databases) can deal with several catalogs and catalog-structures. In an upcoming version 2.0 of ABCD also a 'digital library' feature will be included, offering possibilities to build collections of documents (PDF, DOC...) with full-text indexing. Find out more at

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