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BibCiter is an online manager for bibliographic references.

What does BibCiter do

  • Work fully online, with the only help of a browser. BibCiter is built with PHP script language and MySQL database.
  • Make possible the sharing of the most part of your data with others, mainly the works and contacts you have in your database. Personal notes on works, or contact data for authors are kept private for admin users.
  • Build automagically the “correct” bibliographical citation according to the APA and Harvard standards (some bad working can happen, nobody’s perfect). The output can be in any language the admin decides.
  • Assign works (bibliographic citations) to “bibliographies”, so I don’t have to copy and paste the bibliography I used for that article or that conference. Bibliographies are not public and remain the domain of the admin users. Full bibliographies can be listed with the “correct” APA citation to just copy and paste it to your text editor or publish it online if desired. Indeed, you can keep track of all the bibliographies you have “made” and go back to them to build/base a new one.
  • Assign categories or tags (more than one, but keeping a main category) to both works and authors.
  • Upload the file (i.e. manage PDFs) related to a bibliographical reference or work and save it on the server for you to download whenever.
  • List all the works of an author.
  • List all the works included into another work (i.e. articles cited belonging to this or that journal)
  • Search through your data by almost all the (relevant) fields (including when you created it,
    if you have read/downloaded/… it and what bibliography/ies or category/ies it belongs to.
  • Import/export of BibTeX files.
  • Output RSS feed for works (full citation and link to further details).
  • Be sort of compatible with WordPress themes, so you can surf for better look and feel.

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