Bibliography Module

Last updated December 28, 2011. Created by Peter Murray on December 22, 2011.
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a.k.a. Drupal Scholar
This module allows users manage and display lists of scholarly publications.
Features include...

  • Import formats: PubMed, BibTex, RIS, MARC, EndNote tagged and XML.
  • Export formats: BibTex, EndNote tagged and XML.
  • Output styles: AMA, APA, Chicago, CSE, IEEE, MLA, Vancouver.
    • CiteProc enabled versions (6.x-2.x & 7.x) have an almost limitless selection of output styles.
    • Learn more about the CSL/CiteProc technology at
  • In-line citing of references.
  • Taxonomy integration.
  • Translations supplied: French, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Portuguese

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