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BiblioteQ strives to be a professional cataloging and library management suite, utilizing a Qt 4.x interface and providing connectivity to PostgreSQL and SQLite. The Z39.50 protocol is used for retrieving data for books, journals, and magazines. The software is available for all major operating systems and should be compatible with any system that supports Qt.

Summary of BiblioteQ's features:

  • Free and Open Source technology.
  • Cataloging of books, dvds, journals, magazines, music cds, and video games.
  • Internationalization (translation) support. BiblioteQ currently supports the Czech, Dutch, English, German, and Greek languages.
  • Patron information.
  • Rich search capabilities, including custom SQL queries.
  • Cover images with drag and drop support.
  • PostgreSQL accounts with various privileges.
  • Administrator roles.
  • True PostgreSQL and SQLite pagination.
  • Transactional database queries.
  • Threaded data retrieval via the standard Z39.50 protocol for books, journals, and magazines.
  • Print support.
  • Support for requesting unavailable items.
  • Item reservation.
  • Listings of overdue items, requested items, and reserved items.
  • Customizable item data, pricing information, and currencies.
  • Item reservation histories for patrons.
  • Customizable displays.
  • Embedded hyperlinks for localized searches of similar items.
  • Front cover image retrieval via Amazon.
  • Uniform functionality across various platforms.
  • Support for multiple Z39.50 sites.
  • Exporting of views to CSV files.

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