Ceridwen 3M SIP Circulation Library for Java

Last updated May 5, 2012. Created by ceridwen on May 5, 2012.
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Most libraries that allow their books to be borrowed have at least one circulation desk (also known as an issue desk). The library users choose books to borrow and then take them to the desk where a member of library staff checks out, or issues, the books.

Self issue or Self Check is when the library users can check out books to themselves rather than relying on a staffed circulation desk. This is particularly useful in busy libraries, where self-service may reduce queues, and in partially staffed libraries, where there are times when the circulation desk is not staffed.

The Ceridwen 3M SIP Circulation Library for Java is an Open Source (GPL v3) implementation of the 3M SIP version 2 protocol (SIP2). It includes both client and server implementations and support both telnet and socket based communications.

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