Collective Access - 1.5

Release Date: 
Thursday, June 11, 2015
Version Number: 

Last updated July 1, 2015. Created by David Nind on July 1, 2015.
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An exciting new version of CollectiveAccess is now available, with a number of new features and improvements!

  • Improved PDF reports
  • Additional external data sources such as Wikipedia and WorldCat
  • Media Annotation tools
  • Improved search functionality
  • Support for complex "interstitial" relationships
  • Collection management tools such as support for deaccessions and location tracking
  • "Check in/ Check out" library circulation module
  • Improvements to the data importer

...and more!

Learn more by reading the release notes for version 1.5.

When you're ready to try it out, head to the downloads page.