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CollectiveAccess is free open-source software for managing and publishing museum and archival collections.

The two main components of CollectiveAccess are Providence, the core cataloguing and data management application, and Pawtucket, an optional "front-end" publication and discovery platform.


  • Runs on any modern web browser
  • Pre-configured with several library standards including Dublin Core, PBCore, VRA Core and more
  • Customizable through simple user interfaces — no complex programming required
  • Reporting tools easily generate finding aids and exports to PDF or spreadsheet-readable formats
  • Supports multilingual cataloging
  • Mapping tools allow you to georeference any asset
  • Integrated with Library of Congress subject headings, Getty vocabularies, GeoNames, and more
  • Plugins extend the software's core functionality to support timelines, visualizations, image licensing and more
  • Import frameworks allow for the batch migration and transformation of media and data
  • Free online documentation and support

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