Last updated February 6, 2013. Created by Peter Murray on February 6, 2013.
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EULfedora is a Python module that provides utilities, API wrappers, and classes for interacting with the Fedora-Commons Repository (versions
3.4.x and 3.5) in a pythonic, object-oriented way, with optional Django integration.

eulfedora.api provides complete access to the Fedora API, primarily making use of Fedora's REST API. This low-level interface is wrapped by eulfedora.server.Repository and eulfedora.models.DigitalObject, which provide a more abstract, object-oriented, and Pythonic way of interacting with a Fedora Repository or with individual objects and datastreams.

eulfedora.indexdata provides a webservice that returns data for fedora objects in JSON form, which can be used in conjunction with a service for updating an index, such as eulindexer.

When used with Django, eulfedora can pull the Repository connection configuration from Django settings, and provides a custom management command for loading simple content models and fixture objects to the configured repository.

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