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Greenstone is a suite of software for building and distributing organized, searchable, digital library collections. It allows extremely varied digital collections to be published on the Internet or on CD-ROM. Greenstone is produced by the New Zealand Digital Library Project at the University of Waikato, and developed and distributed in cooperation with UNESCO and the Human Info NGO. It is open-source, multilingual software, issued under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Greenstone has a large user base and is designed to be easy to install and get started with, while also being flexible enough to support very large and complex digital collections.

Greenstone is very mature software, having been under full-time development since 1997. Examples of digital collections created with Greenstone include the following:

There are effectively two separate and quite different flavors of the software. Greenstone2 (currently at version 2.85, as of July 2012) is the stable version and is recommended for a production digital library. Greenstone3 (currently at version 3.04) is a complete redesign and reimplementation, and is currently used primarily as a research platform for testing new digital library technologies.

The below is copied from the Greenstone3 home page (


Please note, Greenstone3 is our research version of Greenstone, and is still incomplete, and not stable. For a production digital library we recommend using Greenstone2.

You might like to try Greenstone3 if:

  • You want increased flexibility with the interface, and like using XSLT.
  • You have your own library front end, and want to talk to a Greenstone collection server using XML and SOAP.
  • You want a distributed library
  • You want to add exciting new features into a Greenstone library, and have difficulty understanding the Greenstone2 C++ source code
  • You like trying out new software
  • You are kind and generous and would like to help out by testing the new software (thanks!)

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