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Pazpar2 is a high-performance, user interface-independent, data model-independent metasearching middleware webservice featuring merging, relevance ranking, record sorting, and faceted results. It is the engine behind our hosted MasterKey metasearch solution.

In a nutshell, pazpar2 is a web-oriented Z39.50 client. It will search a lot of targets in parallel and provide on-the-fly integration of the results. The interface is entirely webservice-based, and you can use it from any development environment. It has been particularly designed to be a good fit for use in conjunction with Ajax to build dynamic end-user experiences, and this can be combined with server-side logic to support authentication, resource selection, etc. Configuration can be static, using XML configuration files, or fully dynamic, using the webservice API.

It is data model-independent in the sense that incoming records are normalized using XSLT to an internal tagged-field representation, and the software can in turn be configured to use different elements of that format for ranking, merging, sorting, facets, and display.

MasterKey is a suite of tools that supplement Pazpar2, especially for more demanding enterprise- or consortial applications. It includes a distributed target and subscription management system, a web-based admin console, a powerful screen-scraping technology for targets that don't support Z39.50/SRU, and a template-based user interface framework.

If you would like installation, configuration and/or customization services, or even a complete, turnkey, customized metaseach solution, please contact us. If you need to access resources that do not directly support Z39.50, we can help with that, too -- we have tools and gateways to cover a very broad range of requirements.

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