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Potthakalaya is a small project aimed at providing librarians with a compilation of Open Source software tools which make the myriad tasks of librarianship more efficient.
The core platform is Puppy Linux version Precise 5.7.1 + XAMPP v.1.8.1, and the compilations are provided as iso image files. The resulting CD-ROMS can be used to boot any x86 computer into a fully functional Linux system with the included applications available for immediate evaluation and/or use. The CD-ROM can also be used to install the full system to hard-drive.

Potthakalaya comes in several flavours. Currently there are two flavours : Base and Full.

Base provides the core software for any library - the catalog and resource management system, including circulation, via the excellent Senayan software developed in Indonesia . [ See http://slims.web.id ].
It also contains MRBS, the resource and room booking/scheduling system, and Moodle: a learning/content management system. These are all web-based applications and this installation can serve them across a network.

Full includes in addition to the base: Calibre Ebook reader/manager, JabRef reference manager, and dotProject - project management software. All are useful in library operations.

Fonts to support Myanmar, CJK, Thai and Bangla languages have been included.

The relevant iso files are here : https://www.wuala.com/gurujim/Potthakalaya and also mirrored at : http://archive.org/details/Puppy_Linux_potthakalaya

The software included is released under a variety of licenses , the details of which, along with additional documentation and links, are included in the distribution CD.


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