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The ResCarta Toolkit is professional grade software designed to build and organize your digital collections.

The Toolkit is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source license and you are free to use the software, subject to the license agreement. Install the complete toolkit from a single installer. This installer works on Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. Source code is available in the ResCarta Git repository.

Use existing scans, digital photographs, PDF files, WAV audio files and MP4 videos to create digital books, pamphlets, postcards and text searchable oral histories.

Your metadata will be embedded into standard tiff images or Broadcast WAV files in Library of Congress METS/MODS/MIX/AudioMD. Download the ResCarta-Web tool and point it at your data location for an instant searchable website. Uses the checksum validator to test your archive

Be the institutional repository champion.

Metadata Creation Tool

Data Conversion Tool with one-click OCR and AAT

Textural Metadata Editor

Audio Transcription Editor

Collection Manager

Lucene Indexer

Checksum Validator (Showing sample of errors)

ResCarta Web Applicaton with Audio text search
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