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Retailer is a platform for hosting simple web applications. Retailer apps are written in pure XSLT. Retailer itself is written in Java, and runs in a Java Servlet container such as Apache Tomcat.

Retailer currently includes two XSLT applications which implement OAI-PMH providers of full text of historic newspaper articles. These apps are implemented on top of the web API of the National Library of Australia's Trove newspaper archive, and the National Library of New Zealand's "Papers Past" newspaper archive, via the "Digital NZ" web API.

However, Retailer is simply a platform for hosting XSLT code, and could be used for many other purposes than OAI-PMH. It is a kind of XML transforming web proxy, able to present a RESTful API as another API.

Retailer works by receiving an HTTP request, converting the request into an XML document, passing the document to the XSLT, and returning the result of the XSLT back to the HTTP client. The XML document representing a request is described here:

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