SENAYAN - 3 Stable15 (Matoa)

Release Date: 
Thursday, August 25, 2011
Version Number: 
3 Stable15 (Matoa)

Last updated November 19, 2012. Created by masisn on January 19, 2012.
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------- Changelog-----------------------------------
- Fixed: Loan receipt always pop even when there are no circulation transactions
- Added: User no need to modify to make local customization. It is also not recommended. Use instead.
- Added: Download Loan History and current loan for member (in member login).
- Fixed: improve image viewer handling using OpenHTMLpop.
- Added: lib/minigalnano/createthumb.php for alternative in thumbnail generating to phpThumb. Including modify it to meet slims need: flexible width/height resize and caching.
- Added: UCS is now separated package from SLiMS distribution.
- Fixed: remove UCS variables from SLiMS distribution.
- Added: Author and Topic/Subject structure changes.
- Fixed: change unique key for master topic table.
- Fixed: add author year field for author master table in SQL install script.
- Fixed: install and upgrade script fix.
- Fixed: change classification to call number in item list.
- Fixed: update SQL statement in biblio for publish_year and year in search_biblio.
- Fixed: change 'series' to series_title in install/senayan/sql for search_biblio Table.
- Fixed: biblio index error on series title search.
- Fixed: upgrade script for stable15.
- Fixed: search error on publisher.
- Fixed: ajax history error after saving data and causing wrong page to display.
- Fixed: error on system backup because of already defined constant.
- Fixed: removing urlencode function usage.
- Fixed: bugs fixing for series_title in custom frontpage.
- Added: improve XML mods based support in SLiMS.
- Added: Add tools for searching orphaned topic/author in masterfile module.
- Added: Add Email support for sending notification in due date warning and overdue list (using PHPMailer Library).
- Added: Thai language.
- Added: Bengali Language.
- Added: 74% arabic translation.
- Fixed: terrafirma template and language file (id_ID).
- Fixed: AJAX circuation error on circulation transaction.
- Fixed: birthdate exp on membership.
- Added: update security.
- Added: set item status to missing when finishing stocktake.