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SobekCM is the software engine which powers the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC,, the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC,, the Florida Digital Newspaper Library ( digital repositories, and many others, including repositories and sites for galleries, libraries, archives, museums, colleges, universities, scholarly research projects as with the Digital Humanities, Research Data Collections, and more.

SobekCM allows users to discover online resources via semantic and full-text searches, as well as a variety of different browse mechanisms. For each digital resource in the repository there are many varieties of display options, which may be selected by an appropriately authenticated use. The SobekCM repository software includes online metadata editing and online submissions in support of institutional repositories, collaborative projects, and digital scholarship projects.

The SobekCM software was developed initially at the University of Florida Libraries by Mark Sullivan, with much input from the UF Digital Library Center, and ongoing development supported by the full team at the UF Libraries and the larger collaborative community. SobekCM is released as open source software under the GNU GPL license.

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