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ThManager is an Open Source Tool for creating and visualizing SKOS RDF vocabularies, a W3C initiative for the representation of knowledge organization systems such as thesauri, classification schemes, subject heading lists, taxonomies, and other types of controlled vocabulary. ThManager facilitates the management of thesauri and other types of controlled vocabularies, such as taxonomies or classification schemes. The tool has been implemented in Java and has the following features:

  • Multi-platform (Windows, Unix). As it has been developed in Java and the storage of metadata records is managed directly through the file system, the application can be deployed in any platform with the minimum requirement of having installed a Java virtual machine
  • Multilingual. The application has been developed following the Java internationalization methodology. Nowadays, there are Spanish and English versions. With little effort, other languages could be supported.
  • Selection and filtering of the thesauri stored in the local repository.
  • Description of thesauri by means of metadata in compliance with a Dublin Core based application profile for thesaurus (See application profile) . These metadata can be either visualized in HTML or edited through a form.
  • Visualization of thesaurus concepts. The visualization interface includes the following widgets:
    • Alphabetic viewer: It provides the list of thesaurus concepts alphabetically ordered in the selected language.
    • Hierarchical viewer: It provides a tree showing the hierarchical structure of thesaurus concepts.
    • Concept viewer: For a selected concept it shows all the properties allowing additionally the navigation to the related concepts by means of hyperlinks.
    • Search tool: It facilitates search of concepts. The searching process is based on preferred labels allowing the following criteria: "equals", "starts with" and "contains".
  • Edition of thesaurus content. The tool provides an edition interface to modify the content of a thesaurus: creation of concepts, deletion of concepts, and update of concept properties.
  • Exchange of thesauri according to SKOS format. The export operation includes the export of thesaurus metadata.
  • Extraction of related concepts in WordNet. It generates an automatic mapping of thesaurus concepts against the concepts of Wordnet lexical database.
  • On-line help by means of PDF visualization.
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