Last updated December 21, 2012. Created by Peter Murray on December 21, 2012.
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Typingpool chops your audio into small bits and routes them to the labor marketplace Mechanical Turk, where workers transcribe the bits in parallel. This produces transcripts much faster than any lone transcriber for as little one-eighth what you pay a transcription service. Better still, workers keep 91 percent of the money you spend.

At the end of the process you have an interactive transcript that can be opened in your web browser, with audio embedded every paragraph or so. Having audio right next to the corresponding text greatly eases double-checking and correction. No conventional transcript is this interactive or easy to fact check.

You use Typingpool through a series of command-line programs, distributed as a Ruby gem. For the non-geek, Typingpool can be a pain to install, and if you’ve never used command-line programs it will take extra effort to learn. But if you create many transcripts Typingpool can save you a great deal of time and money. And while you have to pay the workers who handle your audio on Mechanical Turk, Typingpool is completely free.

Typingpool runs on Mac OS X and Linux.

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