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WASSAIL is a database-driven, web-based application employing PHP, MySQL, and Javascript/AJAX technologies. It was created to manage question and response data from the Augustana Library's library instruction sessions, pre- and post-tests from credit-bearing information literacy (IL) courses, and user surveys. It has now expanded beyond its original function and is being used to manage question and response data from a variety of settings. Its most powerful feature is the ability to generate sophisticated customized reports.

WASSAIL enables users to:

  • Track assessment data by course, by instructor and by academic year
  • Collect and manage institution-specific questions (including Likert-style, open-ended, subjective or qualitative questions, or pre-defined multiple-choice-style  questions)
  • Group the questions into institution-specific templates
  • Apply the templates to individual courses to gather data through surveys administered on paper or via the Web
  • Generate queries/reports on the resulting data including:
    • Statistical analysis for each question (exempting qualitative)
    • Graphical display of statistical analysis for each question (exempting qualitative)
    • Listing of responses by question for open-ended, subjective or qualitative questions 
  • Pre-/post-test data analysis with the Gains Analysis function (compares the pre-test and post-test data sets to display the net learning by students)
  • Categorize like questions using structured controlled vocabulary (such as traditional Library of Congress Subject Headings) and also user-defined folksonomic tags (a feature enjoyed by Web 2.0 advocates for its flexibility).
  • Align questions with the standards and outcomes as outlined in the Association of College and Research Libraries’ Information Literacy Standards.  
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