Librarian DB is a simple Web based library management system that keeps track of the books in a library. It tracks book title, ISBN, categories, etc... It permits adding/deleting/updating/searching. It is extremely flexible and extendible.

SWORD is a lightweight protocol for depositing content from one location to another. It stands for Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit and is a profile of the Atom Publishing Protocol (known as APP or ATOMPUB).

SWORD has been funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) to develop the SWORD profile and a number of demonstration implementations.

A Blacklight plugin for managing and creating collections and digital exhibits of content exposed through Blacklight and Solr. It supports creating multiple collections quickly while each can focus on a subset or all content within a Solr database. Within each collection you can add multiple exhibits.

BibCiter is an online manager for bibliographic references.

What does BibCiter do

CINCH (Capture INgest CHecksum) is a tool that automates the transfer of online content to a repository, using ingest technologies appropriate for digital preservation.
How does CINCH work? Users:

MRBS is a free, GPL, web application using PHP and MySQL/pgsql for booking meeting rooms or other resources.

The main screen

WASSAIL is a database-driven, web-based application employing PHP, MySQL, and Javascript/AJAX technologies. It was created to manage question and response data from the Augustana Library's library instruction sessions, pre- and post-tests from credit-bearing information literacy (IL) courses, and user surveys. It has now expanded beyond its original function and is being used to manage question and response data from a variety of settings. Its most powerful feature is the ability to generate sophisticated customized reports.

Greenstone is a suite of software for building and distributing organized, searchable, digital library collections. It allows extremely varied digital collections to be published on the Internet or on CD-ROM.

Store and publish academic articles in this repository.

LibData is a library oriented web based application which provides authoring environments for subject pathfinders (Research QuickStart), course related pages (CourseLib) and general purpose web pages (PageScribe). LibData encompasses all of these applications, but a typical installation need only take advantage of one or two of them -- great local variation and emphasis is possible.