An open source Electronic Resource Management (ERM) tool.

ERMes is a Microsoft Access database that requires Access 2007 (Windows) or Access 2008 (Mac) to operate. As of May 2010, ERMes is not compatible OpenOffice 3.2.1.

dbWiz provides library users with a single interface for searching a wide range of library resources, and returns records in an integrated result listing.

reSearcher is an award-winning integrated suite of open source products for locating and managing electronic information resources, designed for use by students and researchers in academic libraries. The four main modules of reSearcher are:

Service-Proxy is a piece of middle-tier software that sits between the Pazpar2 meta-search engine, the Torus target data store and the User Interface.

Pazpar2 is a high-performance, user interface-independent, data model-independent metasearching middleware webservice featuring merging, relevance ranking, record sorting, and faceted results. It is the engine behind our hosted MasterKey metasearch solution.

Torus is an amplified acronym for a “Translucent Record Store”.

Metaproxy is a proxy front end server that presents a single Z39.50/SRW/SRU front end to multiple back end database servers. It can also work in conjunction with Index Data's library of gateways to access non-standard database servers.

Masterkey: Drupal (MkDru) is an open source module for the Drupal CMS that embeds a fully themable metasearch interface. It can perform queries against one or more Z39.50, SRU/SRW and SOLR targets via Pazpar2, our likewise open search daemon. More sophisticated target management and other functionality can be obtained through integration with the MasterKey platform.

MasterKey is a growing and evolving family of tools for building sophisticated information discovery solutions. They can be used individually, or they can be combined together using a shared service-based architecture. Some of the tools have been released by Index Data under OSS (open source software) licenses, whereas others, at this time, are made available exclusively to our customers.

Ceridwen Library Self Issue Software

Most libraries that allow their books to be borrowed have at least one circulation desk (also known as an issue desk). The library users choose books to borrow and then take them to the desk where a member of library staff checks out, or issues, the books.