WebProtégé is a free, open source collaborative ontology development environment for the Web.

It provides the following features:

This plugin implements a simple and basic, web-based, library catalog and circulation system. There are short codes that can be added to pages of a WordPress site to search and display items in the library collection.

Senayan is an open source Library Management System. It is build on Open Source technology including PHP and MySQL. Senayan provides many features such as Bibliography database, Circulation, Membership and much more that will help "automating" library tasks. Senayan can be hosted on Unix/Linux, Windows and Macintosh servers and supports multiple languages.

The Open Local Information Directory (OLID) project is a platform targeted at public library and local government use cases. It is a platform for any organisation wishing to collate, manage and share civic information and then publish/share/search that information in a spatially enabled way.

AMPdoc mblazquez edition is a portable package with Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl which includes a selection of documentary software applications for libraries, archives, museums, publishers, conferences and documentation centers. AMPdoc mblazquez edition enables to perform workflow management duties, publication of contents, web positioning, among others.

Islandora is an open source framework developed by the University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library. Islandora uniquely combines the Drupal and Fedora open software applications to create a robust digital asset management system that can be fitted to meet the short and long term collaborative requirements of digital data stewardship.

Navigate sequences of images in a zoomable, extensible interface.

The player:

Neatline allows scholars, students, and curators to tell stories with maps and timelines. As a suite of add-on tools for Omeka, it opens new possibilities for hand-crafted, interactive spatial and temporal interpretation.

EPrints 3 is generic repository building software developed by the University of Southampton. It is intended to create a highly configurable web-based repository.